Our Staff

Brett Midena BA/LLB (ANU)

Brett graduated from the Australian National University, ACT, in Arts and Laws in 1979. After afew years in general private practice in the ACT, Brett joined the Northern Land Council, Darwin, in 1982. From 1986 to 1988 he worked in private practice in Gosford and Sydney. He rejoined the Northern Land Council in late 1988 and was appointed its Principal Legal Adviser in 1991.

Brett established the firm in 2000 and is its principal.

Brett’s work has focussed on the management & development of land, including commercial development, and extended to a wide range of associated matters.

Our Associates

The firm also has links to a range of other professional advisers who are available as required and often works in concert with such advisers, for example, business, anthropological, financial, tourism, employment, mineral & extractives exploration & mining and pastoral advisers.

Such advisers may be engaged by the firm or the client directly.

Our Corporate Arrangements

MIDENA LAWYERS (BN01004104) is the business name of Midena (Legal Services) Pty Ltd (ABN 73 093 114 437).

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