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The firm’s services have focussed on the provision of the following kinds of advice & assistance:

Commercial & Other Negotiations

The negotiation of access, land use, land development, joint venture & management agreements in relation to various kinds of projects, such as:

• exploration, mining, pipelines & other resource developments,

• residential property development,

• aquaculture,

• stores,

• local government services,

• pastoral operations, and

• tourism & park management;


• negotiations with governments & government authorities for statutory approvals & licences, and

• negotiations for the use of Aboriginal land (under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 and “native title land” (under the Native Title Act 1993).

Corporate Establishment, Management & Maintenance

Advising on corporate arrangements for new and existing entities, with a special focus on establishing & maintaining entities whose inception, policies & procedures are designed to best ensure the profitable & sustainable operation of commercial businesses.


• advising on the development of appropriate Board or Governing Committee policies & procedures designed to secure sound & effective financial & management decisions,

• where applicable, advising on arrangements to give due recognition to traditional decision-making processes & traditional authority structures,

• corporate compliance & management, including assisting in meeting the statutory & other regulatory requirements applying to various kinds of incorporated bodies, including Companies, Aboriginal Corporations and Associations (including preparing agendas for & minuting Board or Governing Committee & General meetings, preparing annual returns, registering changes of directors, public officers & the like, or registered offices).

Project Assessment & Development

Advise in project assessment & development, for example, tourism, mineral exploration/mining, residential property development, pipelines, aquaculture, stores, pastoral operations, “national” parks and tourism.

Assist in the sourcing of “seed” funding for the initial assessment of business proposals.

Act as coordinator of a multi-disciplinary group of advisers.

Project Implementation & Legal Auditing

Advising on the means for ensuring the proper on-going implementation of complex project agreements, including those reached under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 and the Native Title Act 1993.

Auditing existing entities & operations for compliance with statutory (non-financial) requirements and to identify areas of risk.

Aboriginal Traditional Rights

Advising on the means available for obtaining the recognition under Australian law of traditional indigenous rights and interests, especially in land and seas, under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 and the Native Title Act 1993 and other legislation, including sacred site protection legislation.

Conduction legal proceedings for such recognition.

Advising on procedures for resolving Traditional Ownership disputes.

Employment & Consultant Contracts

Advising on the terms of staff & consultant contracts.

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